The "securipacks" are very safe compination packages (approved as UN 4GV/X & 4G/Y) used in the transports of the dangerous samples such as the chemical consumables of aircrafts, the fuel samples of aircrafts and vessels, the samples of special laboratories, the samples of hazardous liquid waste etc.
The packages are delivered assembled, ready to use.
securipack s


Code UN Approved Group of danger Outside dim (LxWxH) Internal dim (LxWxH) Permissible Max Gross mass
RMRSEC1315 4GV/X1.1/S PG I, II, III 130×130×215mm 80×80×140mm 1.1 Kg
RMRSEC1316 4GV/X2.3/S PG I, II, III 180×180×300mm 130×130×220mm 2.3 Kg
RMRSEC1320  4GV/X2.9/S PG I, II, III 220×220×360mm 140×140×230mm 2,9 Kg
RMRSEC1328  4GV/X6.8/S PG I, II, III 255×255×450mm 180×180×330mm 6,8 Kg
RMRSEC1331  4GV/X10.5/S PG I, II, III 308×308×428mm 230×230×300mm 10,5 Kg
RMRSEC1322  4G/Y10/S PG II, III 200x200x310mm 140x140x220mm 10 Kg
RMRSEC1330  4G/Y7/S PG II, III 210x210x390mm 150x150x300mm 7 Kg
RMRSEC1333  4G/Y15/S PG II, III 270x270x390mm 210x210x300mm 15 Kg
RMRSEC1325  4G/Y35/S PG II, III 370x370x530mm 300x300x420mm 35 Kg