Fibreboard boxes UN 4GV/X

UN Approved double face corrugated (quality triplewall and doublewall) fibreboard boxes 4GV/X are suitable for transport of all packing groups (I, II & III) dangerous goods (liquids, solids & gases) by air, sea, road and rail, except of class 7 (radioactive materials) and class 6.2 (infectious substances)
UN boxes 4GV/X can be used in the transportation of the following dangerous goods:
Chemicals, aerospace chemical consumables (aircraft engine cleaners, anticorrosion, sealants, adhesives, abrasives, coatings, paints, epoxy and general workshop chemical consumables), liquefied gases, aerosols, cosmetics, paints, resins, activators, lead oxide batteries, lithium ion / metal batteries and cells,petroleum products, explosives
•The boxes are delivered flat.
•Complies with regulation in force (IATA, IMDG, RID, ADR)
•UN certified packing with inner liner polyethylene (PE) bag
•Certified maximum gross weight from 2,8kg to 419kg (cargo box)
•All references standardized in 4GV, permitting use of any type of interior container (glass, plastic, metal)
un 4gv boxes


Code UN Approved Packing Group External dim (LxWxH) mm
Internal dim (LxWxH) mm
Permissible Max Gross weight Carton quality
RMR01124GV 4GV/X3.1/S  I, II, III 155x155x275 140x140x250 3.1 KG Doublewall - flutes BC
RMR02234GV 4GV/X7.6/S I, II, III 215x215x330 200x200x300 7.6 KG Doublewall - flutes BC
RMR03224GV 4GV/X11.5/S I, II, III 315x215x230 300x200x200 11.5 KG Doublewall - flutes BC
RMR03324GV 4GV/X13/S I, II, III 315x315x230 300x300x200 13 KG Doublewall - flutes BC
RMR03334GV 4GV/X19.5/S I, II, III 315x315x330 300x300x300 19.5 KG Doublewall - flutes BC
RMR04344GV 4GV/X24/S I, II, III 412x312x420 400x300x400 24 KG Doublewall - flutes BC
RMR04444GV 4GV/X35/S I, II, III 425x425x450 400x400x400 35 KG Triplewall- flutes ABC
RMR05334GV 4GV/X32/S I, II, III 525x390x365 500x360x310 32 KG Triplewall- flutes ABC
RMR06444GV 4GV/X57/S I, II, III 625x425x450 600x400x400 57 KG Triplewall- flutes ABC
RMR10444GV 4GV/X68/S I, II, III 1025x425x450 1000x400x400 68 KG Triplewall- flutes ABC
RMR08644GV 4GV/X151/S I, II, III 885x700x480 855x670x430 151 KG Triplewall- flutes ABC
RMR09754GV 4GV/X237.2/S I, II, III 980x770x600 950x740x550 237.2 KG Triplewall- flutes ABC
RMR12864GV (EUR-cargo box) 4GV/X300/S I, II, III 1200x800x600 1170x770x540 300 KG Triplewall- flutes ABC
RMR00954GV (EUR-cargo box) 4GV/X419/S I, II, III 1200x800x800 1170x770x740 419 KG Triplewall- flutes ABC