Plywood and wooden packages

Standarized folding crates (packages) are UN Plywood boxes 4DV/X and standard wooden boxes. UN Plywood boxes 4DV/X are suitable for transport of all packing groups (I, II & III) dangerous goods (liquids, solids & gases) by air, sea, road and rail, except of class 7 (radioactive materials) and class 6.2 (infectious substances)

•UN Plywood boxes 4DV/X recommended for long-term storage and maritime transport
•Complies with regulation in force (IATA, IMDG, ADR,RID)
•UN certified packing with inner liner polyethylene (PE) bag
•All references standardized in 4DV, permitting use of any type of interior container (glass, plastic, metal)
4dv 250x170


Code UN Approved Packing Group External dim (LxWxH) Internal dim (LxWxH) Permissible Max Gross mass
RMRPLW1102 4DV/X24/S I, II, III 400x300x400 mm 385x285x345 mm 24 kg
RMRPLW1104 4DV/X65/S I, II, III 600x400x450 mm 580x380x430 mm 65 kg
RMRPLW1106 4DV/X70/S I, II, III 800x600x400 mm 780x580x380 mm 70 kg
RMRPLW1108 4DV/X100/S I, II, III 800x600x600 mm 780x580x580 mm 100 kg

 All forms of wood packaging material are approved by standard regulation ISPM No. 15 and are covered by phytosanitary measures